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An AI device to monitor and track employees amid Corona lockdown

The whole of India is locked in due to corona pandemic. The government is also talking about giving some relaxations. Like in construction and agriculture. Railway is already working to carry goods. Banks are also open. Gradually, other departments and companies will also open under the government guidelines. In such a situation, it will be the responsibility of all companies to take care of all the people working there and monitor them regularly.

To make this work easier, we are making an Artificial Intelligence based device that can monitor the temperature of all the people going inside the office / factory / public place and also make sure that they are always wearing masks or not. If someone’s temperature is high or someone is not wearing a mask, then the device can give information to the administration and store it on the server.

In the development of this device, we want to make sure that everyone is wearing a mask using the Deep Learning technologies. Identifying this thing in a device under different conditions is a tricky task. We are training our system on different types of data sets. And we are also getting favorable results.

Green Wearing Mask

Green Not Wearing Mask

Deep Learning Results so far